Starting a Blog


The internet has gotten a lot of flak recently for facilitating information pollution via the World Wide Web, which is a shame, since the internet is also an incredible force for good in the world.

I recently realised how much I love looking at what people produce online. It’s easy for me to spend lots of time looking at aggregated content on Hacker News and, in part, because it’s rich in stuff that represents the best of the web; highly heterogeneous content from individual creators who are passionate about what they’re doing. In particular, Drew De Vault’s blog and work is a good example of content I highly value, and Jamie Tanna’s post on the indie web helped motivate me to start the blog.

Conveniently, I do a lot of journaling and note taking as it stands; I keep a gratitude journal, a philosophy journal, write notes on lectures and papers for my university studies, and keep track of other random assortments. I hope that the additional effort required to translate the content into a blog and make it accessible to all is low enough that I can post fairly regularly, and enjoy the process.

Here’s to blogging! :)